Real Life! What is Happening in Your Community

The Need For Safe Housing

NLI is a place that provides safety, protection, and a gateway to self empowerment.  Newleaf international believe that people in general deserve a chance to move towards there individual goals, the only way that people are able to build their future is by supporting them with a room, education and work.

Transitional housing provides support in a temporary type of accommodation that bridges the gap from homelessness by offering structure, support, supervision, life skills through education and training.  It also provides the framework and opportunity for women to rebuild their networks back into the community, and establishing new friendships.

Principles of engagement

  • Provide a safe place for women to feel confident to re-engage in the lives, workforce and broader community

  • Improve the financial well-being of women once they are ready to leave the 'crisis centre'

  • To increase the level of education, engagement, capacity and personal confidence to increase successful safety, well being and justice outcomes for women experiencing control, abuse and violence;

  • Provide work experience opportunities for women to assist them in making their best career choices