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Starting your tenancy

The Residential Tenancy Agreement is the standard form from September 2020.  A binding contract under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.  This is given to the tenant to sign and the tenant receives a copy of the signed Agreement with a conditional report and a copy of tenants Information statement published by NSW Fair Trading. 


Fixed term leases from six months are offered and every six months after it is renewed.  This is based on tenants that have meet their tenancy obligations and who maintain eligibility.


To ensure progress towards their planned exit into their own place.  The tenant must understand and agree to the conditions associated with signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

The tenant and Shiloh Conditional Housing must enter into an agreement during the six month lease period.  This includes responsibilities and monitoring the tenants progress toward the aim of the program.  The program is engaging in education, training and employment opportunities and securing a sustainable housing by the end of the program.

Bond Lodgement

Am I required to pay a bond?

All residents are required to pay 4 weeks bond based on your assessed rent. 

Two weeks must be paid in advance at the start of your tenancy.  Your bond is returned to you if you have paid all up to date, and there is no outstanding payments, or money owing for arrears or property damages.  If your tenancy ends prior to the bond being paid in full, the balance owing will not be paid.

Rent Charges

How much is my Rent?

Rent is calculated based on 30% of your household income plus 15% of family payments and 100% of Rent Assistance.

We require rent to be paid two weeks in advance at the start of and throughout your tenancy.  It is your responsibility to advise Shiloh housing of any changes to your income and/or family circumstances as soon as possible.

What am I responsibile for?

At Shiloh you are not responsible for the connection and payment services for electricity and gas. (If applicable)

No water charges are payable to Shiloh housing.  if there are changes in the future, you will be notified in writing.

You are not responsible for Council rates or Strata levies.

Ending your tenancy

Tenants may end their lease by notifying Newleaf Int.  The tenant must given at least 14 days notice.  The fixed agreement, The notice may be given at any time up until the end of the fixed term, but cannot take effect until the term ends.

Once any fixed term of this agreement ends, the agreement continues in force on the same terms as a periodic agreement unless the agreement is terminated by the landlord or the tenant in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2020. 

Shiloh Housing may terminate a tenancy in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) where the rent account has fallen into arears by m ore then 14 days, where agreed arrears repayment plans not adhered to, or where the tenant has seriously breached any terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement.  In cases where the tenant is no longer eligible, they will be asked to vacate the property with appropriate notice.  

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