Take 5ive  Cafe


April 30, 2017

Take 5ive Cafe

Training Program



Take 5ive cafe is a social enterprise that initiates, several functions.


To initially offer work experience or placement for those from the standing tall program.


To provide employment from participants either from Standing Tall program or residents from Karen's Transitional House


To provide a 5-week training program specifically designed for women seeking employment.


This program will be structure and incorporate several of the relevant competencies from the hospitality training package.  The students will have a skills passport to record their competencies for both on and off the job training. 


  • Breakthrough Responses of Emotionally Aggressive and Threatening Habits

  • By building their inner confidence and encouraging their self-worth

  • Participating in a safe, well-supported team environment

  • Discovering their voice and having fun in the process

  • Discovering their individual untapped potential



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