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What is Shiloh Housing?

Shioh Conditional Housing is long term permanent giving women the more time to transition and into their own home.  Shiloh Conditional Housing is a shared accommodation.  Which means each women have their own room and the common areas are shared.   Each women are responsible for chores that they are assigned to.  Regular house meetings are held on a weekly basis to ensure Shiloh house is running smoothly.  They are expexcted to respect each other and themselves and 


We work with each women creating a personalised plan that allows them to be self-sufficient.  Each skill needed to acquire before the women is able to live on their own.


Once each woman is settled and familiar with the program, they are able to work on other areas of their life.  The way we do this is through implement programs and courses which they attend. This is where women can upskill, educate, including wellbeing towards independently.

Connecting with other Organisations, the women are able attend the Volunteer Program which encourages the women to engage in the community.  The program involves serving to the homeless to those that are less fortunate.  They are taught life skills and personal responsibility including Job experiences, such as retail, and budgeting.

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