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Our Mission

Creating a safe place for women to stay and receive support is a crucial step in helping them rebuild their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise awareness, provide support and resources, advocate for policy changes, promote healthy relationships, and speak out against all forms of violence.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Respect and Trust

  • Diversity

  • Collaboration

  • Honesty

  • Team Unity

  • Safety Net for all

  • Accountability

  • Dignity

  • Diligence

  • Resilence

  • Support

  • Virtue


Newleaf is committed to keeping the woman and children safe from all kinds of abuse and harm.Newleaf is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and is a shared priority and responsibility of all.


Shiloh Conditional Housing is organised by Newleaf International.  It is a non for profit Organisation for Women and children who have been effected by or homeless because of Domestic and Family Violence.  Shiloh Conditional Housing is long term, permanent giving women more time to transition and re-engage their lives, careers and community. 


The purpose of Shiloh Conditional Housing is where we assist and support women to stabilise their circumstances, by supporting them with the programs and to encourage the personal growth and development.  


Shiloh Conditional Housing is to provide a model of excellence for transitional housing accommodation of women and children.  Oftern when women have to leave their partners they are faced with only few choices:  

  • Friends or relatives

  • Return to their previous abusive and dysfunctional relaionship

  • Sleep rough or Homeless


Shiloh Housing provides a Safety Net


1.  Provides a "safety net" to re-established their lives and be active participants in their community.

2.  Designing and implementing programs that create transferable life and work skills

3.  Mentoring for women with meaningful role models


Safe Housing has been created to design and implement a model of best practice for women, to prevent them from returning to destructive and dysfunctional behaviours.  Each of the participants in the current Standing Tall's Program have had their careers, family and personal lives interrupted and in some instances shattered, due to domestic violence.


Our collective experience has taught us, that currently when women leave the Refuges/Crisis Centres, they leave without being fully equipped for independent living and are put into short term accommodation.  They are expected to get jobs and undertake courses.


Safe Housing empowers women to stabilise their circumstances and prepare them to confidently move on to more appropriate long term housing.  This is an opportunity to positively contribute to improving choices for women who wish to create new life for themselves.

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