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Empowering Women

Together we can make a 


Stop Domestic Violence.


Newleaf and The Salvation Army welcome each and everyone of you who believe in isolating and eliminating domestic violence.  We promote initiatives to serve the people who need it most, and taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about the most pressing issues of today's society.  Please join us by supporting our effective programs that are bound to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.  


The name Shiloh, was a meeting place and sanctuary for Gods chosen people.  It was also the site where the Ark of the Covenant was stationed.  "The Ark of the Covenant" is the resting place for where Gods statutes was given to Moses on stone. These statutes are known as The Ten Commandments".

Shiloh is the first point of meeting with victims-survivals from domestic violence this is where we start our processes of wellbeing.  It is important that housing is available for brave women and as a team are able to connect with external resources and networks to battle against domestic violence.


Yes! we are at war with a destructive plague.  This is the reason why, Newleaf and The Salvation Army are taking up the challenge to eliminate this destructive plague.  



Brave Women


in this House

Training & Education

Coaching College 


The name Newleaf International was created at the beginning of 2016, as a charitable non-for-profit ltd organisation


Domestic Violence is an epidemic that is related to death, destruction  physical and mental disorder.


Our purpose is to support, protect and initiate positive life changing directives for  women who have survived trauma 


Public awareness, interacting with government officials, similar organisation, programs, and funding organisation.

Message From The Team

It is time we started to work together to build a stronger body to eliminate domestic violence.  Integrating initiatives is a positive start to eliminate this plague.  The Premier's Priority is to Reduce Reoffenders by 25% by 2023. The NSW Government has invested more than $431 million over four years to deliver initiatives that work towards meeting the priority. Based on current figures, achieving a 25 per cent reduction in domestic violence reoffenders will mean approximately 450 fewer reoffenders by 2023.  

( Attribution) NSW Government, Community and Justice


Being in partnership with The Salvation Army is a leading step towards isolating domestic violence.  The Salvation Army of Macquarie Field, Liverpool  and Fairfield have opened their team of experts and programs to the victims of domestic violence.

A huge leading step into eliminating domestic violence is always about connection with organisation who have the initiatives to impact wellbeing

Newleaf and The Salvation Army Welcome your Initiatives.

Vice President

Leadership, Motivation, and Confidence are attributes of great team work.  I have always been aware of the needs of people going through crisis and the impact it has in moulding negative results causing domestic violence. Having leaders who can innovate planning.  from negative to positive and using their motivation for change just means we are moving forward to isolating domestic violence.

Senior Director

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